The layering system

The Layering System, namely the system whereby clothes are worn in layers, is the best way to wear CMP technical clothing, because it ensures the most appropriate protection for the specific outdoor activity to be practised. The system is particularly useful in the case of atmospheric variability. Wearing several layers means that air, and therefore heat, can be withheld in contact with the skin. This is why multiple layers are more eff ective than an individual layer. Additionally, the possibility of reducing the number of layers used enables us to adapt immediately to the contingent situation. The CMP Layering System is not only recommended for cold climates. During aerobic activities, in fact, by dressing in layers, we can keep body temperature constant. A first, transpiring layer causes the evaporation of the humidity produced by the body, whilst the second or third layer keeps temperature constant and/or protects from wind or water.

The Outer Layer is the outer layer. A real shield against the atmospheric agents, in some cases it is coupled with insulating materials to improve thermal performance.

The Mid Layer is the middle layer. It withholds heat, keeping body temperature constant; insulation capacity may vary according to the thickness of the fabric or type of padding used.

The Base Layer is the layer that is in direct contact with the skin. Its task is to eliminate the humidity and transpiration produced by the body during physical exertion and, if used in a heavier version, also serves as a fi rst layer of insulation.